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Special Strategic Partnership

Young Professionals Lab

Jakarta, 21 - 23 September 2022


Welcoming Remarks

Thank you for visiting the website of the Indonesia-Korea Special Strategic Partnership Young Professionals Lab.

I am pleased that Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) – which is the largest foreign policy organization in Indonesia – continues to collaborate with the Korea Foundation (KF) – the institution mandated to conduct Republic of Korea’s public diplomacy – to organize Indonesia-Korea Special Strategic Partnership Young Professionals Lab. This program is aimed to gather fresh ideas and perspectives from Indonesia’s young professionals from various field and serves as platform to engage Indonesia’s and Republic of Korea’s policymakers.

In my experience, policies can only be successful when suggestions from multiple-stakeholders are carefully considered throughout the ideation process to the implementation. I believe it is imperative for the policymakers to consider the view of Indonesia's young professionals to advance Indonesia and Republic of Korea relations. I trust this program would fill in both countries bilateral relations as well as upgrade the Indonesia-Korea relations to the level we hope it to be.

I look forward to seeing you at Indonesia-Korea Special Strategic Partnership Young Professionals Lab on September, 2022.


Dr. Dino Patti Djalal,
Founder and Chairman of FPCI


On behalf of the Korea Foundation (KF), I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and warmest welcome to everyone that has been selected to participate in the Indonesia-Korea Special Strategic Partnership Young Professionals Lab. I am truly impressed by your enthusiasm and deeply grateful for your eagerness to enhance Indonesia-Korea relations.


As this is the second occasion that the KF and the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) have organized the Young Professionals Lab, I fully anticipate that awaiting you is a more robust program with an even richer assortment of opportunities that will provide a solid foundation from which to launch your professional careers. Over the next few days, you will all be rewarded with a deeper knowledge of Indonesia-Korea relations, as well as the freedom to participate in discussions with well-known experts, and establish relationships with other young scholars. Upon its conclusion, you will not only have made unforgettable memories, but more importantly, you will be well positioned to play an important role in enhancing friendship and collaboration between Korea and Indonesia.


Again, congratulations on being selected as Young Professionals. I sincerely hope you all make lasting achievements as the next generation of policy experts, and find great success in bringing Indonesia and Korea closer together in the future. 


Dr. Lee Geun

President of the Korea Foundation

Program Overview

Program Overview

Indonesia-Korea Special Strategic Partnership Young Professionals Lab is a three-day program initiated by the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) and supported by the Korea Foundation. The Lab serves as a special platform for aspiring Indonesian professionals to develop a deeper knowledge on Indonesia and Republic of Korea Special Strategic Partnership, engage with policymakers and practitioners, delve into problems and formulate policy inputs to advance Indonesia and Republic of Korea affairs. Selected participants will get to join interactive panel discussions with high-level officials, partake in discussions with top experts, and create a joint policy recommendation paper addressed to governments and relevant entities.


Program Agenda

Program Agenda
21 - 23 September 2022

  • Welcoming Ceremony

  • Keynote Address 

  • Expert Panel

  • Focus Group Discussion

  • Expert Panel

  • Focus Group Discussion

  • Wrap Up Session

  • Policy Paper Briefing & Public Forum

  • Closing Ceremony

Young Professionals

Important Dates

24 June - 1 August

Call for Application

19 August 2022


24 August 2022


31 August 2022

Preliminary Focus Group Discussion (virtual)

21 - 23 September

Indonesia-Korea Special Strategic Partnership Young Professionals Lab

The 12 Young Professionals

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be Indonesian citizens

  • Applicants must be aged between 21-35 years old by the time of applying

  • Applicants must have the proficiency to speak and write in English

  • Applicants must be an active professional coming from one of the following fields: academia, foreign policy research, government and policy making, enterprise, or non-governmental organization (NGO)

  • Applicants must have a background that represents one or a combination of the following: politics, security, law, economy, geopolitics and/ or geo-economics, digital economy and technology, social studies, Korean politics/ culture, or East Asian studies

  • Applicants must be able to attend the three-day program held in Jakarta in September and join the post-program activities

Online Application

  • Background Information (e.g., name, contact information, medical history)

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) that highlights the applicant's expertise, previous experiences, and responsibilities at his/her current post. The CV should be submitted in a .pdf format and identified as follows: [full name_affiliation_CV]

  • An Initial Policy Recommendation Paper written by the applicant discussing his/her views on Indonesia-Republic of Korea cooperation related to his/her background. The paper should not exceed 2 pages, be submitted in a .pdf format, and identified as follows: [full name_affiliation_research focus]

Expected Outline of the Policy Recommendation Paper

  • What are the most strategic issues that Indonesia and the Republic of Korea are facing in their bilateral relations and in the regional and/or global context? 

  • What are the challenges and the opportunities for Indonesia and the Republic of Korea to step up its bilateral relations through the special strategic partnership? (pick one category:political security, economy, socio-cultural)

  • What are your policy recommendations (including activities, programs, initiatives, etc.) to fill in the cooperation in the chosen particular aspect?


Contact Us

For more information about the program, partnership opportunities, and media inquiries please contact:

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