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The Program

Policy-making is a complex task to provide an equitable solution for a multi-faceted problem. In practice, policy-making involves not only policymakers on the government level but also constructive ideas from the grassroots and professionals. Recognizing the need for fresh ideas and perspectives to further upgrade the Indonesia-Korea relationship, the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) in collaboration with the Korea Foundation is proud to organize the Indonesia-Korea New Southern Policy Young Professionals Lab. The two-day program serves as a platform for Indonesia's active professionals to develop a deeper knowledge of the NSP, engage with policymakers and practitioners, delve into problems and formulate solutions for the betterment of Indonesia-Korean affairs.


Ten young professionals are selected to participate in a two-day hybrid program in Jakarta. The participants get to join interactive panel discussions and workshops with members of the government, leading institutions, influential experts, and practitioners from both Indonesia and Korea. The program is concluded with the creation of a Joint Policy Recommendation Paper addressed to both governments and relevant entities, incorporating strategies and solutions from various disciplines for a better implementation of the New Southern Policy in Indonesia, especially in the post-pandemic world.

The program is convened on 24-25 May 2021 in Jakarta, Indonesia. All selected young professionals must attend the program physically, while facilitators and guest speakers participate in a hybrid manner.

Reasons to Join the Program

The program allows the participants to gather with aspiring young professionals in the policy field and drive change to Indonesia-Korea relations. By joining our program, the participants:

  1. Have the opportunity to engage with Indonesia’s and Korea’s policymakers

  2. Have a richer and deeper understanding of the New Southern Policy

  3. Partake in cementing close and constructive Indonesia-Korea partnerships

  4. Have their ideas heard by contributing to the Joint Policy Recommendation Paper

  5. Be a member of the NSP Young Professionals Lab Alumni Network

Program Date & Location

NSP Young Professionals Lab Alumni Network

The NSP Young Professionals Lab Alumni Network consists of participants and contributors of the program. This alumni network aims to support the continuity of the members’ policy advocacy, strengthen the ties developed during the program, and deepen the discourse on Indonesia-Korean affairs.

In accordance with the health and safety protocol enacted by the Indonesian government during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizer provides Antigen Rapid Test for all participants before attending the program. Masks must be worn at all times within the venue, and meeting spaces are set up to ensure strict enforcement of social distancing throughout the program. Accommodation, venue, food and beverage handling, and other technicalities are prepared with everyone's safety in mind.


The organizer closely monitors the COVID-19 situation in Jakarta and remains transparent about the safety and risks involved concerning the event.

Health and Safety Protocol

Coverage and Expenses

Food, accommodation, and program-related expenses (stationery, printing, etc.) during the program implementation in Jakarta are fully covered by the organizer. However, travel to and from the venue in Jakarta and other personal expenses will not be covered.

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